Holocron Update: 7/20/2010

The latest Mandalorian Interlude arc — the assault on the Outer Rim world of Tarl — recently concluded, and we’ve added a bunch of pages to the Holocron of Zend wiki supporting it:

  • Tarl, a storm world in the Outer Rim Territories, bordering the Unknown Regions
  • Icarus Orden, pacifist Human Jedi Master and former protector of the Eye of the Dragon force relic.
  • Erdan, Human Jedi Knight, newly knighted student of Icarus Orden. Last seen in Lenk, the capital city of Tarl before the city’s burning by the Mandalorians.
  • Ool Mudon, Ithorian Jedi Knight, former student of Icarus Orden now questioning his master’s ways.

Holocron Update: 5/23/2010

With the Mandalorian Interlude underway, I decided it was time to add a few Mandalorian specific entries to the wiki:

  • The Mandalorian Interlude Primer: An overview of important PCs, NPCs, locations, starships, etc. in the subcampaign.
  • Ord Biniir: An Outer Rim ordinance/factory world that the Mandalorians (including Clan Olan) secured early in the war to build Basilisk battle droids.
  • Ubrikkian Steamworks: The Republic corporation whose factories on Ord Biniir were seized by the Mandalorians.

Holocron Update: 5/2/2010

We’ve added several new articles to our Holocron of Zend wiki:

  • Starrior Expeditions: based on Zebulon Beta, Starrior specializes in offering exploration and logistical support operations in the Vargis Tau System, and Zebulon Prime in particular.
  • Koth: Zabrak bounty hunter and occasional freelance assasian/kidnapper … at least until a botched job for Pirate Lord Ral Duris put a price on his own head.
  • Morgwa, the Roar of Ithor: an Ithorian bounty hunter specializing for non-lethal takedowns. Known associate of Koth.
  • Neeida: a Rodian quickdraw artist. Known associate of Koth.

Holocron Update for 4/13/2010

The Holocron of Zend is the companion wiki to Shadows of the Force; while our original intent was to include all of the campaign information in the blog, after a year of gaming it became clear that option was untenable. There’s just too much information.

To that end, we’ve been migrating content to the Holocron. Hardcorhobbs and I recently returned to that task, and I’m pleased to announce we’ve made some significant headway. Here’s what’s new:

  • The Episode Index: The Shadows of the Force episode index is almost current; it now includes entries for Episodes 1-8, representing over a year of real-world gaming. Each episode’s chapter entries include at least the crawl for that chapter; we hope to add summaries later on.
  • The Primer: The Primer lists major PCs, NPCs, starships, organizations, and locations in our campaign. It’s a great way to get an overview of the major and minor players in Shadows of the Force.
  • The Ghost Walk Cluster: I’ve uploaded my notes for this remote Outer Rim star cluster to the wiki.

The wiki remains a work in progress, but I think we’ve made some good headway. Next up will be tweaking the theme so that it better represents the campaign (including a campaign specific header) and adding information to support our upcoming “Mandalorian Interlude” mini-campaign (in which we’ll be putting aside our normal characters to play Mandalorians during the initial days of the Mandalorian Wars.