Aeon Harrier

  • Aeon Harrier
  • 578-R Space Transport
  • Captain: Orax Davkin

The Aeon HarrierThe Aeon Harrier, is a freelance freighter running supplies in and out of Zebulon Prime and Beta, with occasional runs out to the mining stations in the asteroid belt and the gas mines of the system’s three giants.

It’s captain was Orax Davkin until his recent retirement. He sold the ship to a consortium consisting of his former pilot, Trenn “Highlife” Zentine, mechanic Zulen Tek and computer operator Shim’kworr.

The ship was badly damaged during a run through a protostar nebula, and barely made it back to Zebulon Beta during her last run. She’s presently “docked” at the Jolus starport, where she serves as the de facto offices for the newly formed shipping consortium.

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