About the Campaign

This site is dedicated to the Blackrazor Gaming Group’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign. It’s set in the waning years of the Restoration period; the Great Sith War that opens the KOTOR era is 35 years in the past and the Mandalorian Wars are still about five years in the future. The Jedi Civil War, as chronicled in the KOTOR video games, lies several years in the future.

The campaign began with Episode 1: Dawn on Zebulon in the binary planet system of Zebulon in the Vargis Tau system. Zebulon consists of two sub-planets, the large jungle world of Zebulon Prime and the smaller, savannah-dominated world of Zebulon Beta.

The player characters hailed from two distinctly different backgrounds: half the group are padawans from the Unified Force Academy, a Jedi academy on Zebulon Beta, while the other are crewmates from the Aeon Harrier, a freighter based in the Vargis Tau system. As the campaign openec our heroes discovered a band of pirates operating on the Prime and preying on starship traffic to and from Zebulon Beta. As the campaign progresses, they discover the pirates are in league with elements of the long-vanquished Sith.

A year later, the “crew” contingent has formed Binary Transports, a transportation and freight company based out of Zebulon Beta, while the Jedi padawans have been knighted. Looming large over everything is the Mandalorian Wars, the first hints of which have already begun to be seen on the fringes of the Outer Rim.

This website has a companion wiki called the Holocron of ZendIt is the primary repository of most of our campaign history.

In the Real World

We’re a bunch of guys from the Lehigh Valley, Pa. who meet once a week to play role-playing games. Our gaming group first got together in 1996 to play D&D, and ran our Greyhawk campaign for 12 years before switching to Star Wars in Fall 2008. That campaign ran until 2011, when we put the campaign on hiatus. Since then we’ve played a variety of RPGs including Numenera, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder, and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

We’ve been playing regularly since the our initial D&D campaign’s launch and while our roster has fluctated over the years, for the most part the original core is still intact. You can learn more about our group by visiting our main web site, The Griffin’s Crier.

About the Blog

Our KOTOR blog is powered by WordPress and hosted by The Griffin’s Crier, our group’s web hosting network. Questions about the blog and the campaign can be sent to scribe@griffcrier.com.

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