Non-Lethal Force Powers Index

The following is a list of non-lethal combat Force powers in the Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG. This list draws from the following source books:

  • Star Wars: Saga Edition Core Rule Book
  • The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide
  • The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide
  • The Clone Wars Campaign Guide

Force Disarm: You disarm an opponent by using the Force to pull the weapon from his grasp. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 97)

Force Stun: You call upon the force to overload an enemy’s senses, potentially stunning it. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 98)

Force Thrust: You use the force to push a target away from you. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 98)

Mind Trick: You use the Force to alter a target’s perceptions or plant a suggestion in its mind. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 98)

Sever Force [light side]: You can block another Force-user’s access to the Force, preventing him from spending Force points and making it difficult for him to use Force powers. (Saga Edition Core Rule Book, p. 99)

Ionize: You can call upon the Force to overload electronic systems and droids, damaging and even destroying the unit. Make a UtF check; compare it to the target’s Reflex defense. If you beat DC 20, the droid takes ion damage. (Knights of the Old Republic, p. 51)

Kinetic Combat [telekinetic]: You can use the Force to manipulate your chosen weapon, allowing it to operate independent of your grasp. (Knights of the Old Republic, p. 51)

Malacia [Lightside]: You create dizziness and nausea by disrupting your enemy’s equilibrim. Targets one opponent’s Fort defense; if you beat it with a UtF check, the target moves -1 step down the condition track, and takes -5 to its damage threshhold. (Clone Wars, p. 51)

Morichro: You slow the vital functions of a target, causing her to slip into a deep sleep or even die. Moves the opponent -1 down the condition track if your UtF check beats their Fortitude. (Clone Wars, p. 51)

Repulse: You use the Force to cear an area around you. Like Force Push, but area effect. (Force Unleashed, p. 87)

Shatterpoint: You can see the critical point of somthing, whether it is a person or objct, that would shatter if struck at the right time. You use this to lower your opponent’s damage threshold, but the DCs are high — DC 25 to lower the treshhold by 5. (Clone Wars, p. 50).

Slow: The Force enables you to slow your targets as if they are encumbered by an extremely heavy load, making it difficult for them to move. Make a UtF check; if your result equals or exceeds your targe’s Fortitude defense their speed is reduced and they take penalties to skill checks as though they are carrying a heavy load. (Knights of the Old Republic, p. 52)

Technometry: You can tap into and read technological devices and, in some cases, control them.  You can use it to strip data from a computer, jam droid sensors, deny a droid its Dexterity bonus to reflex against your next attack, and cause a droid to flee for two turns. (Clone Wars, p. 52).

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