Prepare to jump to hyperspace…

Though you wouldn’t know it from looking at this blog, our Knights of the Old Republic campaign is still going strong.  We’re in the process of wrapping up our adventures in the tail-end of the Restoration Period: our Jedi padawans have all officially been promoted to Jedi Knights, and the “crew” of Binary Transport now has a fleet of starships at their disposal. Well, more like two ships, but it’s a start.

We’ll be wrapping up this part of the campaign soon, and then jumping into the Mandalorian Interlude, a series of 4-6 adventures in which will play out the opening salvos of the Mandalorian Wars from the point of view of the Mandalorians themselves. After that we’re jumping the timeline ahead to the first full year of the war, returning to our original characters (who will have advanced to 10th level in the intervening years)

As the campaign advances, expect this blog to change; we’d originally planned to use it as a sort of lightweight wiki … but we’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve just got too much stuff to use the WordPress that way. Instead, we’ve launched a formal campaign wiki at; look for all of the background content on this site to be migrated there this spring.

The KOTOR site isn’t going away though; this will still be the place where we make campaign announcements, update folks about new wiki entries, and post about new Star Wars news & reviews.