Nuketown: KOTOR Campaign Guide Reviewed

My review of the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide is up on Nuketown. As you might imagine, this is an important book for our KOTOR campaign; we could have run the game without it, but it would have been a lot harder. The single best aspect of the book is its comprehensive history of the time peroid; there’s a lot there scattered through a dozen comic books and two video games, so its very useful to have a single campaign guide that pulls everything together.

Nuketown: D&D 4E to Star Wars Creature Conversions

A while back I posted a Nuketown write-up on converting Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition monsters t0 Star Wars: Saga Edition. I did this for Chapter #4: To the Emerald Cliffs, morphing 4E stirges into to Zebulon Swamp Bats. It worked out well enough, but honestly it takes about as much time to make a monster using the beast creation rules in the Saga Edition core rule book.

I think this is still a good GM tactic to troll through the 4E books looking for monsters, but I think it’s easier those as inspiration and build your own creature than it is to try and do a conversion.